What I Do

I do product management, web development and user experience at the intersection of technology, analytics, consumer insights and the internet. I've worked at Ipsos, MarketShare and OTX. I like cryptocurrency. Volunteer with Hack for L.A., Bastiat Society, Restore the Fourth, and Liberty on the Rocks.


Who I Am

I'm interested in analytics, music, Los Angeles and seeing the world. I care about peace, civil liberties, transparency and healthier living through the quantified self. I do product at Brighter with a focus on user experience on web and mobile.


Portfolio: Apps for the Informed Economy

I am a full stack product manager.

This portfolio highlights a project I did as a freelance web developer and General Assembly projects. The freelance project was code named Guadalajara and was deployed to a live production environment as Cluster Metrics. The app enables the categorization and visualization of email message traffic at a European enterprise. Users can upload data, are surveyed to categorize the email traffic, and then the data is visualized. The technologies for the Guadalajara Cluster Metrics is JavaScript, Ruby on Rails with a Postgresql database. My role: Full stack developer. General Assembly web development work completed at over twelve weeks are also listed. The General Assembly web apps are Lanikea, an app that visualizes and stores the geo-location and influence metrics of Twitter conversations in real-time, Socorro, an Etsy-like e-commerce site for home cooked meals, and ConcreteC - a job matching app for the concrete construction industry. Product requirements documents and UX research used to plan product enhancements at Ipsos.

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