I am P. Sergio Serrato.

I do web development, product management and user experience
at the intersection of technology, analytics, consumer insights and the internet.

I am studying at General Assembly. I use Bitcoin.
Volunteer with Hack for L.A., Restore the Fourth, and Liberty on the Rocks.

I'm interested in music, Los Angeles and seeing the world.
I care about peace, civil liberties,
government transparency and better living through the quantified self.

Here are interesting organizations I've worked with in Southern California

Hack for L.A.

The hub of the civic hacking movement in L.A., promoting the use of municipal and regional open data to solve problems in Los Angeles. My team won the i.am.angel prize in June 2013. I have been volunteering and promoting this group since.

Restore the Fourth

This non-partisan organization aims to end all forms of unconstitutional surveillance by the U.S. government. I am on the board of the Los Angeles chapter and volunteer with the national organization.

Liberty on the Rocks

National networking group for liberty-minded individuals. Non-partisan. I organize meetups and speaker events in Los Angeles and Orange County.

SoCal Bitcoin

We promote Bitcoin in Southern California. Bitcoin for beginners and dev show & tell are some of the events we organize.

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